How to Connect my Smart TV with

The purpose of a  Netgear Extender is to slightly extend the signal range of your Wi-Fi network. It is a fairly simple device. More specifically, it establishes a connection to your Wi-Fi network and essentially doubles or amplifies its power, enabling you to use Wi-Fi even in places where it was previously impractical. 

With a Smart TV, you can watch a Netflix box set session or catch up on yesterday night’s EastEnders on iPlayer.

This is so that a Smart TV may access the internet.

How to setup Netgear Extender

  • Add your extender to your internet by activating it and selecting a broadband or wireless connection for this purpose.
  • When your computer or cellphone has linked up, launch your favourite online browser.
  • Fill in your username and password in the number field on the extender’s login page by using the URL
  • The Netgear Genie page will now appear on your computer.
  • Then, based on how your system is configured, you must choose between two options.
  • After choosing your settings, just click the Save option to complete setting up your Netgear AX1800 extender
netgear extender

3 ways to connect smart TV with Netgear Extender

  1. Use your home Wi-Fi to connect using the wireless option.
  2. Use a powerline if your TV is downstairs.

  3. The wired option requires you to connect directly to your Netgear Extender

1. Use your home Wi-Fi to connect using the wireless option.

Most modern Smart TVs are Wi-Fi-enabled, which means they include a built-in wireless adaptor. It just takes a few seconds to connect to the internet, although this method works best if your TV is in the same room as the connection.

Follow the instructions to connect:

  • Use the TV remote to choose the Menu option.
  • Set up a wifi connection after selecting the Network Settings option.
  • Choose the name of your home’s wifi  connection.
  • By pressing the remote button , type your Wi-Fi password.

2. Use a powerline if your TV is downstairs.

Is your router in the downstairs or another room? You can still stream Netflix and iPlayer, despite this. The signal is weaker the further you are from your router. However, a powerline kit might help you expand the range of your home network for lag-free streaming.

2 converters and 2 Ethernet cables are included in a powerline kit. The internet signal is sent along your electrical wires when the adapters are inserted into power outlets and your router.


Follow the instructions to connect:

  • Place your router in the same room as the first powerline adapter and plug it in.
  • In the same room as your Smart TV, insert the second powerline adapter into a socket.
  • then connect an Ethernet cable to your Smart TV’s Ethernet port.
  • Connect your powerline adapter to the other end of the Ethernet cable.
netgear extender

3. The wired option requires you to connect directly to your Netgear Extender.

Want the most reliable, powerful connection? Use an Ethernet cable to connect your TV straight to the wifi router. You need to put your router near to your TV.

Choose a good wideband router when connecting several devices to ensure that your connection remains strong.

netgear extender


Follow the instructions to connect:

  • On the back of your TV, look for the Ethernet cable.
  • Connect your router’s Ethernet wire to the TV’s Ethernet connection.
  • On the remote control for your TV, choose Menu, then select Network Settings.
  • The option to allow wired internet must be chosen.
  • Using the buttons on your remote, enter your Wi-Fi password.
  • observing sports

How quick is your broadband


  • The biggest advantage of a Smart TV is watching internet video.
  • Your catch-up TV, series binges, and movie evenings will all be of higher quality if your connection is faster.
  • especially if your Smart TV is 4K UHD. A number of 4K movies and TV series are available on Netflix and Amazon to view.
  • The finest normal streaming experience is provided by extremely fast bandwidth, which is also practically necessary for 4K streaming.
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How to view the Netgear extender's Wi-Fi network settings

Connecting all of your technology—including laptops, cellphones, tvs, and other devices—to your extender is the next step.

Check that the extender’s settings are proper first. To do this, access the built-in user interface. Before attaching your Netgear  Wi-Fi extender to your smart television, check the Wi-Fi password, network name (SSID), and Wi-Fi security mode.

netgear extender

Follow these instructions to access the Netgear extender’s Wi-Fi network settings:


  • Go to the desktop of your computer and open a web browser to get started.
  • Enter into the browser and try to view the page. You may need to double-check that your router and extension are linked properly.
  • Start programming the NETGEAR extender right now by logging in. To log in, use the administrator credentials for the extender.
  • Wireless must be chosen.
  • At this level, you must customise the NETGEAR extender’s configuration view.
  • You must record the settings, so jot down your SSID and Wi-Fi password.

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